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Bring your revolution into high definition with this t-shirt that will nicely combine your political views with geeky humor. Either against or for communism, you’ll have a great way to break the ice!

Customize it or order one at Zazzle:

Or you may also look at other weird things I’m selling there, at my store:

Update: Alberto Korda’s attorneys requested that this was taken down from the store, since they hold the rights of the original Che Guevara photograph. Oh, capitalism…

My Neighbor Toronto

"Studio Jibbly's" great work, now as a poster!

My Neighbor Toronto

Have you ever made a typo that embarrassed you when others claimed you have no good knowledge of Japanese and anime general culture?

Recover gracefully by showing everyone your poster of “Studio Jibbly’s” My Neighbor Toronto. Wearing his maple leaf, this guy is sure to warm up your holidays.

If you do love the original, make sure to support Studio Ghibli by buying the original film. “My Neighbor Totoro” is copyrighted work of Studio Ghibli and this poster is created from fans to fans in the spirit of parody and entertainment by creating a derivative product.

Buy it as a poster! You can customize the options to go as cheap as $7 or you can even go pro with frames and quality paper.

Update: Zazzle decided that I may be infringing copyright. I wonder how Canada feels about it.

Egg on board

My eggs!

Egg On Board

So here I was, coming back from grocery shopping, driving  happily in my car, thinking in using the recently bought eggs for next day’s breakfast. The car in front of me braked-fast and I had to stop immediately. Since I am a mother chicken, I looked at my son right away in fear that he may have get hurt. Him, a yet-unborn egg, was blissfully sitting in the passenger’s seat.

My eggs were in danger! There should be a way in which I can warn other drivers that I’m carrying fragile, delicate eggs and they need to be taken care of.

I just wonder if there was a way in which I could do that… something like a bumper sticker… hm… cheap as $ 4.45…

Aquí estaba yo, volviendo de las compras, conduciendo my auto tranquilamente, pensando en utilizar los huevos recién comprados para el desayuno del día siguiente. El auto delante mío frenó de forma súbita y tuve que detenerme inmediatamente. Ya que soy una gallina madre, miré a mi hijo con el miedo de que pudiera haberse lastimado. Él, un huevo aún sin nacer, estaba sentado en paz en el asiento del pasajero.

¡Mis huevos estaban en peligro! Debería haber alguna manera en la que podría alertar a otros conductores que estoy llevando huevos frágiles y delicados, y que necesitan tratarse con cuidado.

Me pregunto si hubiera alguna forma en la que podría  hacer eso… algo como un sticker… hmm… barato como en $ 4.45…


using Queen.GreatestHits;

Poster Bohemian Rhapsody C# Hey everyone! I just made a poster of likely_an_impostor’s rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody in C#, since I definitely believe that it would look great hanging off a wall.

In case you’re interested, just head to its page in Zazzle and give it a look — it still has a lot of options you can choose from. It goes out as cheap as $ 10.95.

Hey todos! Acabo de crear un poster desde la interpretación de likely_an_impostor de Bohemian Rhapsody en C#, dado que me parece que se vería genial colgado en una pared.

Si están interesados, solo vayan hacia la página en Zazzle y dénle una mirada — todavía tiene muchas opciones de las que pueden elegir. Y se va tan barato como $ 10.95.

<Shirt> HTML </Shirt>

HTMLHey all, take a look at my new Zazzle account, here I’ll be posting stuff I can turn into collectible things. Go get your own!

For now, I only have the T <Shirt>, remarkably showing off the HTML power of what we do everyday.


I’m a HTML little skunk.

Hola a todos, peguenlé una mirada a mi nueva cuenta de Zazzle, donde estaré publicando cosas que pueda usar de collecionables. ¡Consigan el suyo!

Por ahora sólo tengo el T <Shirt>, que muestra el poder del HTML que usamos día a día.


Soy un zorrinito HTML.