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Automatically logging your timesheets in JIRA

Having the tedious work done for you

Google Calendar To Jira

A while ago I explained how I use Google Calendar as my time-tracking system. I did mention, but did not explain, how I made this into an automatic system of timesheets for JIRA, the system some companies I work for use for time tracking. It just involves Google Docs and a little bit of JavaScript.

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My time tracker: Google Calendar

Boxes and colors, what's left to ask?

Calendar chain

Long time ago I wrote about a proposal from a StackExchange user about how to use Google Calendar for task planning across projects and activities. The idea seemed good, and after months of making it my bread and butter, I think I have perfected it to address most of the problems I had with my workflow in Trello. It’s  not the holy grail of productivity, but it has helped me a lot.

Let me explain it to you, because if you use Google Apps or GMail, you’re most likely to benefit from this.

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¿Google Calendar para manejo de tareas?

Una aproximación simple a un problema complejo

Calendar with tasksMuchos conocen mis entradas en donde explico Cómo uso Trello para Trabajar, y su versión actualizada. Aún así, me siento curioso de explorar otras alternativas al manejo de tareas, y hace poco, alguien explicó una aproximación que nunca había tenido en cuenta: Google Calendar.

Suena totalmente inapropiado, pero luego de haberlo leído, no es algo descabellado. Quería compartirles la idea de esta persona.

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