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One of the forums from the StackExchange family which I usually visit is the Workplace one. It deals with office / team behavior, ethics and professionalism. The questions are incredibly interesting — most of the time, I’m not entirely sure what I should do in situations like that — and the answers are amazingly well crafted and thought.

And there is a particular one which caught my attention lately: Manager requesting task which I believe is unnecessary. And I found it interesting because we hear that a lot in the software world: “why is my customer / manager / leader asking for that if it’s not really necessary / a priority / important?”

Well, there are several aspects to consider. Let’s go in this world of absurd requirements together.

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Noticia rápida: algunos de los posts de aquí pueden aparecer de tanto en tanto en el blog de MakingSense. Para quien no lo sepa, es la empresa en donde trabajo, y donde de hecho ya hay algunos posts míos y un webinar. Si están interesados en el negocio de IT desde un punto de vista no tan técnico como este blog, y más orientado a tendencias y management, les recomiendo totalmente que se pasen por allá.

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Quick notice: some of the posts from here may appear from time to time in MakingSense’s blog. For those that do not know, it is the company which I work for, and where I had already had a couple of posts and a webinar. If you’re interested in IT business from a point of view not so technical as this blog, and more oriented to tendencies and management, I totally suggest you give that blog a look.

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