Link of the Day: How to effectively take notes in a meeting / course

I found this article at LifeHacker (which does have lots of interesting articles about technology and life-improving techniques) called Geek to Live: Take great notes - Capture Tools, and, as simple as it gets on the advices that it gives, it is amazingly interesting to share and to start working on.

The main article focuses on some techniques to take notes quickly and not loosing any detail when you’re doing it at a meeting or hearing a lecture, etc. It is also great feedback if you are the one giving a lecture of speaking publicly about something and want someone to take notes about what you said. You may use it to study, to improve your speaking abilities, and make great summaries.

I know this is something we all have got a place to apply it, so take a peek and improve your note-taking abilities!

I’m a note-taking little skunk.