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The First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid

Visual geometry and arithmetic

Six Books Of Elements Of Euclid (Pages)

The First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid is, as weird as it sounds, one book where Oliver Byrne has recreated the process of Euclid’s geometry and arithmetic into a visual representation that’s easy to grasp. It tries to reach a wider audience and make learning more accessible by getting over the complex part of recognizing visually what the demonstration procedures are — without changing them at all.

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How TDD pays off

A success story from the side of the doubtful

Software engineers, amirite? They keep blabbing about this fancy-pantsy weird wibbly-wobbly stuff nobody understands and they just want to keep things complicated. They want to test things even before they are done and then develop the app. Are they insane? And it even takes more time, so it’s a waste of money.

Well, my little friend-that-does-not-adhere-to-software-methodologies, they are right on what they do. And it does pay off. Let me tell you why.

(In here also: an update on the mongo-faceted project.)

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Sleep time

Smart alarms

Many of you that know me also know that it has been forever a problem of mine to get to sleep properly. Not to sleep early. Not to wake up early. It’s about the quality of sleep. I’ve tried many things to address this problem, raging from hormones to witchcraft, but something seems to be making a difference: smart alarms.

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Click for higher REVOLUTION

Click for higher revolution full image

Bring your revolution into high definition with this t-shirt that will nicely combine your political views with geeky humor. Either against or for communism, you’ll have a great way to break the ice!

Customize it or order one at Zazzle:

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Update: Alberto Korda’s attorneys requested that this was taken down from the store, since they hold the rights of the original Che Guevara photograph. Oh, capitalism…

Faceted searches with MongoDB and mongoose

Generating facet search results

mongo-faceted logo

Some people in Latin-America may remember an old Yupi ad where a woman was complaining on how difficult using the internet was. “It’s so difficult. So complicated! There must be something better.” (In Spanish, of course.) Cheesy as it sounds, Händel Messiah’s “Hallelujah” sonorously invaded the screen. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

That’s how I felt when I was investigating what’s the best approach to achieve faceted searches in MongoDB. But I found something better. Let me show it to you.

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Write it down!

Before it makes you frown


Not sure if this has happened to you, but sometimes there’s just too much going on at the same time. Pretty much more that we can handle in our head.

This happens to me quite a bit: I’ll in the middle of an important meeting when suddenly someone comes in Skype saying “would you mind to code review this, please? It’s kind of urgent”. Then somebody will reach out to me saying “hey, I think the server’s down”. Then somebody will say “I think this issue is actually a server configuration thing, we’re blocked”, and somebody else will say “I cannot get the tests to run, it says undefined is not a function”. It’s like it’s raining urgent issues! This a way I found to handle the situation.

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My Neighbor Toronto

"Studio Jibbly's" great work, now as a poster!

My Neighbor Toronto

Have you ever made a typo that embarrassed you when others claimed you have no good knowledge of Japanese and anime general culture?

Recover gracefully by showing everyone your poster of “Studio Jibbly’s” My Neighbor Toronto. Wearing his maple leaf, this guy is sure to warm up your holidays.

If you do love the original, make sure to support Studio Ghibli by buying the original film. “My Neighbor Totoro” is copyrighted work of Studio Ghibli and this poster is created from fans to fans in the spirit of parody and entertainment by creating a derivative product.

Buy it as a poster! You can customize the options to go as cheap as $7 or you can even go pro with frames and quality paper.

Update: Zazzle decided that I may be infringing copyright. I wonder how Canada feels about it.