It’s been a while now I’m following the RSS feed of a site called Exploit-DB. In fact, this site was created by Offensive Security, the same guys that are the creators of Backtrack, the widely-known Linux distribution for penetration testing and security auditing.

What I like most of the site are the papers. Most of them are truly enlightening and even inspiring. The last ones I’ve read are Inyección SQL en MSSQL - HackTimes, [Spanish] PFD - Partial Function Disclosure and The (in)security of Omegle - What Omegle users should know. All of the papers are easy to understand and well documented, even with pictures and examples of what they talk about.

Not so far from here, I found the site called HackTimes, with lots of articles to read about security measures, hacking techniques, ideas and more. I’ve just read an article about Fuzzy Hashing and it seems totally interesting.

I’m a secure little skunk.