Juan Diego Raimondi
Juan Diego Raimondi
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I know that Google has products for everything, and they’re still creating new things, making more and more enemies in different business. Besides that, we have the user’s data concern: what about privacy? What about having other options? What happens to our Google data?

Well, Google has made a step forward into that, creating DataLiberation.org, or, known by it’s full name, The Data Liberation Front (politics, anyone?). The mission for this project is that all users should be able to control the data they store in any of Google’s products. And to approach that mission, you may check for instructions on how to import or export data from any of Google products, and how to make it compatible with different options.

For example, you may as well want to download your Google Docs to use Microsoft Word. Or maybe you want your AdWords data in HTML. Or maybe you want to download back your videos from Youtube.

There are plenty of options, and ideally, each of Google’s products should have a way to back up your data and use it in another service or any way you like. It is supposed that it’s your data. (However, licenses may state else.)

I’m a compatible little skunk.