Link of the day: Open Source Project Management

I spend the first days of this week searching for a good issue tracker with hosted services. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any that wasn’t paid, or that didn’t force you to share your code with everyone and/or upload the code as well. I ended up using Flyspray, a PHP-based issue tracker, even when I would have preferred another options (like Bugzilla or Trac).

Anyway, that led me to a Wikipedia page called Comparison of Issue Tracking Systems, which is a good way to make a decision based on what you need and what you can use/pay.

Of course, there’s also a Comparison of Project Management Software, and among the products listed there, a lot of them are open source and free. Masters In Project Management (Mr Master) also makes a review of the Top 25 Open Source Project Management Apps.

I’m a managed little skunk.