Link of the Day: Cassandra by example

In a past link of the day, I have already talked about some distributed NoSQL systems, and the benefits it could bring. I think now it’s time to dive a little deeper in one of them, probably one of the most popular of these days, which is Cassandra.

But instead of going through a long, technical book, lets take this article from Eric Evans called Cassandra By Example, where he gets off all of the theorization and technicisms about these systems, and instead, provides us with a nice example to start from scratch: Twitter. He first explains how would the relational approach should be, and then how the NoSQL approach would be, using Cassandra.

Not only that, we will see some code implementing Twitter features, which is not functional but totally understandable as an example. Then we’ll be able to grasp concepts like keyspaces, column families, reversed columns and so on.

Also, remember that there are already a variety of implementations for Thrift (the client interface) and lots of articles to check out.

I’m a little skunk by example.