Juan Diego Raimondi
Juan Diego Raimondi
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A couple of days ago, one internet link surfaced between all of the popular ones for being one-big-and-for-all resource for online safety. This safety I’m talking about is not only the kind of safety where you want to protect your data, but the one where you want to protect yourself and your family. If you’re close to technology, and if you live part of your life online, this is surely something you must think of sometime.

SimpleK12 posted a resourcefull guide called Internet Safety Resources, where it covers different topics, as preventing online bullying, avoiding inappropriate content, how to deal with children in difficult situations, identity theft, internet addiction, online gambling, pornography, data security, viruses, browsers, fraud, phishing, gaming sites, hoaxes, forums, netiquette, online journalism and blogging, cellphones, social networks, download sites, P2P, copyright and piracy, plagiarism, laws, and further more. That big list I just mentioned is a quick scan I did on the titles of some articles.

So, quite complete, right? Between the articles, there are some resources which you may interact with, organizations available to help you with your doubts or personal problems, and even to take you as part of them. Make sure to be safe.

I’m a safe little skunk.