Technical Leaders and Career Paths

You shouldn't have to stop coding

Management (Technical) vs. Technical Management

I came across this question, which is a fairly common concern I have come across with people around me. Here’s the gist of it:

After I became a Tech Lead my work has become more like managing than anything else, I don’t do more code and just a little technical stuff

I’d like to offer an alternative approach.

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Blender on Lambda

Rendering Blender Scenes in AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

GitHub repository

I recently published TAS-PC, a producer-queue-consumer lambda terraform module. This was an intermediate step for creating a distributed rendering engine.

In this post I’d like to discuss some of the technical aspects of that work.

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Terraform-AWS Serverless Producer-Consumer Module

Terraform --> ??? --> Magic!

GitHub repository

I needed to setup some infrastructure in AWS but did not want to make modifications each time I needed them. What a better opportunity than this one to learn Terraform.

So I created a little module that sets up a small producer-consumer serverless (lambda-based) architecture, powered by a SQS queue.

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Real privacy does not exist

Why the illusion of privacy is only an illusion

Inspecting cookies

There was a particular gag I came across in a Youtube video. One where, from the point of view of a long-term future, an advance human race made fun of us for having expectations of privacy in our lives.

I brushed it away as a single joke at first, but it stuck with me. I think they might be right.

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Map of AI Ethics

HAL 9000

We’ve all heard the news about how AI will revolutionize multiple industries, transform mankind and bring us into a new era of technology. But it all sounds too good to be true. Indeed, it is. Like any other technological tool, there are serious consequences if it is left unchecked.

Discussing the ethics of AI has always been a tricky subject, since the question often asked is “whose fault is it?” This is just scratching the surface in terms of ethical discussions. A deeper analysis of what we mean is more revealing and makes for a better framework to have these conversations.

Let’s dive into detail and discuss AI Ethics.

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The Game

The Game Book Cover

I got to read Alessandro’s Barico long-essay (book) called The Game. In short, it is a reflexive mapping of how the Digital Revolution came to be.

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